If you are ready to put your home on the market, you want to make it as attractive as possible. Sometimes, using the right home décor can go a long[...]
How much attic insulation does your home have? Older homes, in particular, often have less insulation than recommended. Enjoy comfortable year-round temperatures and save on your energy bills by contacting[...]
While you may have a surge protector on a few expensive electronic devices in the home, you may be able to avoid electrical repairs by having one for the entire[...]
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Siding is a popular choice for home builders because it is low maintenance and comes in a wide variety of colors. It is also a common choice because properly installed[...]
Children Radon
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You do everything possible to keep your kids happy and healthy. That’s why cook tasty meals with plenty of vitamins and make sure your children get enough sleep at night.[...]
Make a Beautiful First Impression Fall decorating ideas should incorporate the front porch, as it is the first thing many people see when coming to your home or just driving[...]
One of the biggest reasons basements are so susceptible to mold is due to poor insulation. Unfortunately, what constitutes as a good insulation job in other aspects may create the[...]
In the urgency to find and move into a new home, some buyers charge through the process quickly. This can be important in a competitive market, as people don’t want[...]
The amount of radon present in your home doesn’t remain constant over time. It’s actually considered normal and typical for it to rise, fall, and fluctuate over the weeks and[...]
One of the arguably most fun parts of home décor is the incorporation of different textures. In winter, many people seek the indoors for warmth and coziness, so bring both[...]
Making resolutions for New Years is a tradition, but the truth is that they are hard to uphold. Make resolutions for your home this year instead — they will be[...]
Styles may change, but one of the constants on which you can depend is that the color of your walls should make you feel at home. Today’s top design trends[...]
It is necessary to safely change a light bulb to avoid an often unnecessary electrical repair. One easy way to stay safe is to check the wattage and size of[...]
A popular design trend that takes you back to your roots (literally) is bringing the outdoors in. Many of today’s designers and homeowners believe the great outdoors can revive a[...]
A blank wall space can be a dream come true when the holiday season rolls around. Take an otherwise unused wall and turn it into your favorite Christmas canvas! Traditions[...]
When you think of winter home décor, your mind probably goes straight to mistletoe and holly. Although that’s valid and beautiful in its own right, don’t overlook the power of[...]
Buying a foreclosed property can be a great way to get more bang for your buck, whether you are looking to turn a profit or make a home just right[...]
Colder days are on their way! This means more time to spend around family, snuggled in next to the fire, and the bright decorations throughout your home. While you prepare[...]
When you own an older home, or a home built between the 1950s and 1970s, you may need to upgrade or electrical repairs. If you’re not sure if your home[...]
Radon is something homeowners everywhere need to be aware of. Homeowners should test for radon levels in their home and if levels are elevated, it’s time to mitigate. Homeowners can[...]
Soak That Siding
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Return your home’s exterior to its original fresh and beautiful appearance by giving your siding or brick a good washing. This home maintenance task doesn’t take long, and the results[...]
For a kitchen that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser, consider investing in some of the latest top design trends including color, color and more color. If you just painted your[...]
Whether your basement is a wine cellar, lounge area or abandoned storage location, you have likely dealt with mold there before. Chances are you have tried many different techniques to[...]
There’s a lot to get in order when a homeowner is getting ready to list a home. Some of these tasks include finding the right buyer and making sure the[...]
Fall decorating ideas are always fun, especially when it comes to your home décor. Take advantage of these super-simple and unique tips to welcome the autumn season! Go For Organic[...]
Buying a home is a fun, time-consuming process with many forms, inspections and tests conducted prior to move in. The previous homeowners likely had a radon test completed as part[...]
Great home maintenance is key to a beautiful house that makes you happy. It also makes your appliances and home exterior last longer. Did You Forget About Your Fridge and[...]
Command hooks and baskets are two gems to the organized individual, and they can serve multiple purposes when you’re looking for home organization tips. Command Hooks You can use these[...]
If you are short on time but want to decorate your house for the Thanksgiving season, don’t worry. Mother Nature and some simple decor tricks can make your home fall-worthy[...]
Black Friday is right around the corner. It falls on November 29th, the day after Thanksgiving. To get the absolute best of it, start preparing way ahead. Pay off those[...]
To push radon out of your home, an active radon mitigation system uses an electric fan. Specialists use a pipe that runs from the basement to the top of the[...]
Focus on the Faucets With colder weather comes the chance for outdoor faucets to freeze. This can be a big problem that can even affect the interior of your home.[...]
Completing a thorough fall home maintenance checklist can help ensure you are ready for the colder weather. Take the time to test your winter equipment and make any necessary repairs.[...]
You may not spend much time in your attic, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t inspect it for concerns such as mold. Without proper attention, you could discover mold in[...]
Do you know what the number one unsung hero in your bathroom is? It’s the exhaust fan. This little guy does a world of good to keep your bathroom beautiful[...]
Buying a home can be an exciting time and when you find the home of your dreams you need to act fast. If your offer is accepted, you’ll begin the[...]
American veterans and their families are arguably the bravest people in the country, and they come in a variety of ages and genders. Show your appreciation for their sacrifices this[...]
It isn’t just bigger storage areas like garages or closets that can benefit from a little creative thinking when it comes to home organization tips. Taking the time to streamline[...]
One of the last things you want to find in your home is mold. The basement is a common area to discover this substance. When you understand how basement mold[...]
Your clients are lucky to have a realtor who is watching out for their best interests. You work hard to make sure the home buying process is as smooth as[...]
Foster New Growth
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Spring and summer are your lawn’s time to shine. The prep work you do in the fall, though, makes your lawn really stand out during the sunnier seasons. Below the[...]
There are several types of light bulbs available, and each one offers its own benefits. Here are some tips on choosing the best light bulb for your home. Brightness, Color,[...]
Remember Your Range
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How often should you clean or replace the range hood filter above your stove? Shoot for a clean filter at least once a year. If you cook a lot, clean[...]
Radon Systems: Attic Installation You can install your radon mitigation system throughout the exterior of your home or you can decide to hide them in the attic. While both of[...]
You don’t have to restrict your best creative, outside-the-box thinking to your bedroom or your living room when it comes to home organization tips. You can whip your kitchen into[...]
While many believe it is beneficial to always price your house a little higher and then haggle with a buyer, this is not necessarily the case. Overpricing a house can[...]
The first step in living in a mold-free home is finding the mold and its source. Mold loves moisture, and if it is present, you can be sure there is[...]
The vintage vibe is all the rage and that’s a very good thing. Not only is it trendy to utilize this timeless style choice, but it’s also responsible to reuse[...]
As the leaves slowly start to change and the days get just a little bit colder, you can count on one thing: It’s time for fall home maintenance. Preparing your[...]
Even if you have a radon mitigation system, it’s still a good idea to check it every now and then to determine if the installer did a good job. Find[...]