When you’re on top of your home maintenance checklist, everything just runs more smoothly. You’re less likely to have major home repairs throughout the year. One of the items that[...]
Think of a home inspection as a lesson in the condition of your potential new residence. The inspector is your experienced teacher who can show you important things about the[...]
We get it — buying a new home is a family ordeal, so it makes sense that you want your littles there every step of the way. However, when it[...]
Prevalent radon myths may lead you to avoid having your home checked because you have been there for years or decades. This pervasive myth can lead homeowners to avoid having[...]
Many home buyers today begin their searches online. They can tour numerous houses quickly and easily from the comfort of their home. They are free to envision their families living[...]
Among real estate agents, pre-listing inspections may be up for debate. The truth is that inspecting before you list a home can benefit agents, owners and buyers. Imagine the peace[...]
Home inspections are an important part of buying a new home. Certainly, you want to join the inspector at some point, whether at the beginning or at a point she[...]
When you are ready to put your home on the market, you want to make it look as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Your real estate agent can give[...]
Arranging a professional inspection for your home need not be an onerous task. If you do this step early, it can actually make the process easier. When you set up[...]
Many sellers fear that by presenting buyers with the results of a pre-listing inspection, they are sabotaging their chances of making the sale. This is far from the truth. In[...]
The overall condition of your home and its various components is a major factor in the selling price. Effective negotiating is an art form of sorts, and a pre-listing home[...]
Short-term and long-term tests can help homeowners to identify high or low levels of radon at home. This information can prevent illness and even save lives. However, you will first[...]
You cannot escape having a home inspection for the home you want to sell. However, you can set up the process so that it benefits both you and potential buyers.[...]
A pre-listing home inspection can cost anywhere between $200 and $700, causing many sellers to forego them. If a buyer wants or needs to have an inspection done before closing,[...]
While a house inspection is a necessary step in the home buying process, you can use this time to your advantage. An inspector will show you important details about your[...]
In the long list of tasks to complete before closing the deal for a house, the examination is perhaps the most important. While all steps are necessary, the inspection of[...]
As a seller, you are not obligated to have your home inspected before you put it on the market. It’s still a good idea to do so, though. Being transparent[...]
With uncertainty about when and if your property will sell, where you will live if it sells before you find a new house and whether you will get full asking[...]
The expense and inconvenience of tests are radon myths that keep people from having their homes tested. Thankfully, radon tests do not cost an arm and a leg. Not to[...]
Home inspection reports can serve as invaluable tools during the home buying negotiations process. It’s why an overwhelming 77% of potential buyers pay for inspections prior to closing the deal.[...]
For many homeowners, remodeling is a way of achieving their dream home. As you remodel for aesthetics, don’t forget the electrical upgrades. With every remodel, there are five electrical upgrades[...]
A home inspection is a necessary part of the process of buying a new residence. It can benefit you in multiple ways and help you become a more informed buyer.[...]
While a home inspection is a necessary part of the home buying process, it can also tell you a lot about the structure you are considering living in. Inspectors are[...]
Why do some real estate agents choose to have a pre-listing inspection? Often, the buyer will have the inspection conducted him- or herself, but this does not mean that you[...]
Are you looking for a new home? Have you found a couple of options and don’t know which one to choose? A home inspection can help you make your final[...]
That all homeowners should test their water for radon is one of many radon myths abounding out there. In fact, most homeowners only need to test their water for radon[...]
A pre-listing home inspection is not a requirement for sellers, but that does not necessarily mean you should forego this helpful process. Though there are several advantages to a pre-listing[...]
As a real estate agent, you work hard for your clients. Every step of the home selling process is critical. As a home inspector, we know how important the role[...]
As you go through your pre-listing inspection with your client, you should always make the most out of it. After all, an inspection is likely to save you on future[...]
Home inspections are integral steps in the process of buying a home. While you can learn a lot from your inspector about your would-be home and its actual structure, inspectors[...]
The home inspector you choose to look over a house can give you expert information on what needs to be repaired or updated before you commit to buying. It just[...]
How To Find Wall Studs
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A part of easy home maintenance is having the proper tools and equipment when you need them. If you’re thinking of hanging something heavy on your wall, such as a[...]
Homemade Remedies If a flood infiltrates your home, you’ve got to do much more than simply remove the water. You also want to clean the water so you don’t find[...]
You have probably heard the myth about certain types of homes attracting more radon gas than others, but it simply is not true. Homes with basements or ranch-style homes are[...]
When you are shopping for a home for the first time, it helps to have people in your corner who can answer the myriad of questions you have. A home[...]
To run a safe and efficient home, you should consider simple maintenance and prevention when it comes to your electrical system. There are several things you need to know about[...]
Though dealing with low-voltage wiring is certainly not as dangerous as dealing with a 220 junction or your breaker box, your electrician still wants you to take precautions when handling[...]
As a new homeowner, you want to be proud of your home. Forget the risks and feel confident in your home purchase. Homeownership should be a dream come true. When[...]
You’ve heard the old adage that you have to spend money to make money, right? This concept applies to buying a home, too. When you choose a house, have it[...]
There are a lot of steps to buying a home. If you’re a first-time buyer, it makes sense to get input from as many people as possible. Your realtor can[...]
During the day, you may not notice outdoor lighting, but it plays an incredible role at night. With the right patio lighting, you can entertain friends well past sunset. String[...]
That all homeowners should test their water for radon is one of many radon myths abounding out there. In fact, most homeowners only need to test their water for radon[...]
How much do you know about the home that you’re selling? As a real estate agent, you want to have as much information as possible. Since homebuyers tend to invest[...]
It’s great that many home- and building owners these days want to hone their DIY skills and make many repairs on their own. However, electricity is no joking matter, and[...]
Replacing a Window Unit
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In the summertime, your AC window unit is the love of your life. If you notice that yours is starting to show its age, an easy home maintenance project is[...]
There are many things your home inspector can check during his or her visit, and all inspectors have their own lists of the basics to look for. Making your own[...]
Electrical updates offer both safety and convenience. Get more out of your outdoor living space with new lighting options. Compare energy-efficient options and safety features for a personalized, comfortable space.[...]
In your home, safety is a priority. Think about all that you do to provide a safe home — whether you have child locks on your cabinets, barriers on windows[...]
Every homeowner should have a home maintenance plan. When you schedule your regular tasks, don’t forget your basement windows. Clean window wells help keep your basement dry and functional. Drainage[...]
If you plan to have a home inspection, this is a great first step to making the right choice with your first home. While some home inspections can be long,[...]