One of the most prevalent myths about radon among homeowners is the idea that as long as your neighbor’s home is fine, yours is too. However, this isn’t true. Radon[...]
When winter arrives, the options for décor are elegant and beautiful. You can take your home and create a cozy, warm space or a chic getaway to return to in[...]
It’s amazing how something so small can do so much damage. If you spot termites fast, you can stop their destructive path and keep your home intact. You can follow[...]
Your home may have been the biggest purchase you’ve ever made in your life, but that doesn’t mean that home maintenance needs to consume your every last dollar or waking[...]
The Radon Exhaust Location Is Vital You recently had a radon mitigation system installed for your home. Do you know where the exhaust is located? Is your radon mitigation system[...]
A leaky faucet can seem like such a tiny thing, but fixing those drips can provide major benefits for your wallet and your sanity. Getting rid of nighttime leaks can[...]
Take a look at your kitchen layout and consider your options for creating a custom-made pantry to suit your needs. If you have an open wall in your kitchen, you[...]
An easy way to save money around your house is by saving energy. Everyone knows to turn off lights when they leave a room, but one of the home maintenance[...]
The lighting you choose has a significant impact on the ambiance of your home. The right lighting can make spaces feel warm and intimate or bright and exciting. Recessed lighting[...]
Most don’t know how winter affects radon levels! When it comes to winterizing, you may want to think about radon testing. Lower Temps, Less Ventilation The cold weather has an[...]
Create a safe, secure home with surge protection electrical updates. Use innovative solutions to reduce the risk of damage from a lightning strike or other naturally occurring issue. Upgrade your[...]
You don’t need tons of designated space to have a fantastic kitchen pantry. You can create your own by utilizing the space you already have in your own kitchen. Start[...]
Cleaning a drain is an easy home maintenance tip everyone should know. In fact, you can do this with only one tool and a little time. You do not need[...]
HOME SELLERS WIN Home sellers in the past did not want a home inspection that Might point out defects, especially if the buyer was not likely to get a home[...]
You plug in your hairdryer and turn it on, and nothing happens. While an electrician can fix the issue, this easy home maintenance task takes mere seconds to get that[...]
Some days you may need to run several devices at once. You have your blow dryer out, and your home is cold, so you turn on the heater along with[...]
Watch the Windows Your home maintenance care should include looking after your windows. You can preserve their life and effectiveness by keeping the weep holes clean. These holes are found[...]
It’s a common misconception that older homes or homes built out in the country are the only ones that can have high levels of radon. That’s not true, and it[...]
Like any homeowner, you’re on the lookout for home maintenance tips to save you cash each month. One of the best ways to do this is to cut down on[...]
One of the best home maintenance tips to save money is as simple as changing your HVAC filters. The filters work for both heating and cooling to keep the air[...]
Value and comfort should be a priority in your home! If you’re like most homeowners, you always have ways that you could increase both of these areas. Consider these five[...]
Gutters are a normal feature on houses across the U.S., but a lot of people have never stopped to wonder what they actually do. These roof accessories are a huge[...]
Putting gutters up on your house helps keep the water from heavy rains from pooling around your foundation, seeping into your basement or entering the crawlspace. As one of the[...]
Cleaning your home’s siding has an amazing effect on the appearance of outside décor. You may be pleasantly surprised by how vibrant siding looks after washing away accumulated dirt and[...]
One of the most common myths about radon when it comes to home improvement is that high radon levels aren’t important. Well-meaning friends or family members may shrug off radon[...]
Knowing how to shut off your water is part of easy home maintenance so that you can quickly repair pipes and replace fixtures. Start by looking behind or under the[...]
Close the Gap Using an inexpensive caulking product to seal windows and doors is one of the most important home maintenance tips to help you save money on your monthly[...]
Real estate agents work hard for your clients as you prepare to sell their homes. Every step of the process is critical. As a home inspector, we know how important[...]
Every well-stocked pantry has an ample supply of canned goods. From meat and veggies to soups and fruits, these essentials can help round out or bulk up any meal, any[...]
Like most homeowners, you look for home maintenance tips to keep more money in your pocketbook. Unknowingly, your toilet could be costing you extra cash. Leaks will waste water, adding[...]
You don’t need to worry about calling an expert to restart a furnace. This is an easy home maintenance task that you can handle yourself in a breeze. Here are[...]
Check Your Water System You rely on hot water for bathing and cooking. If your water heater is having problems, you may not only experience inconvenience; you could also be[...]
Easily save money on your water bill by repairing leaky faucets. Sometimes the simplest home maintenance tips can save you the most money. When checking your faucets, go beyond the[...]
One of the most pervasive myths about radon is that your home can only contain high levels of it if you live in certain parts of the country. This is[...]
Mice may be cute as pets or storybook characters, and that’s where they should stay. An important home maintenance task to add to your winter list is checking to make[...]
You probably don’t want to think of the consequences of a fire starting in your home. Fortunately, a fire extinguisher can keep a small fire from getting out of hand.[...]
Like most homeowners, safety is your first priority. Luckily, you don’t need to sweat it too much. In fact, there is some easy home maintenance advice to create a safer[...]
If you’re like many parents, you love to see your kids smile. Keeping them healthy is one of your main priorities. You probably already know how important it is to[...]
We’ve all experienced that heartbreaking moment when the lightbulb stem gets stuck inside of the light fixture. No need to panic! if you have a potato in your pantry, then[...]
Setting your heater to kick on only when the temperature falls below a certain threshold can be a lifesaver, especially in the cold winter days ahead. If you’re unsure how[...]
For the best pantry organization, sort your essentials into containers and bins that are easy to spot and refill as needed. Keep in mind that well-organized, practical storage can also[...]
As a real estate agent, you work hard for your clients and to get them the biggest bang for their buck. From listing their home for sale to helping them[...]
Many homes feature some wood, even with concrete foundations. Since the wood is outside, it is affected by insects and the elements that can cause damage. These home maintenance tips[...]
One of the easiest home maintenance tips you can find is checking and replacing caulk around windows and doors. Air stays inside and critters stay outside when the caulk blocks[...]
When it comes to home maintenance tips, there are plenty. However, very few are as important as those pertaining to the maintenance of your roof. Your roof protects your home’s[...]
If your instinct when you see mold is to reach for the bottle of bleach, stop right there! You’ve probably been told all your life that chlorine bleach is the[...]
Of all the easy home maintenance projects you can take care of yourself, insulating is one of the most beneficial. Almost every area of the house benefits from having high-quality[...]
Wintertime brings a number of home décor and ornamentation options, prompting the struggle of deciding between numerous styles and trends. If you’re looking for little ways to change up the[...]
After living in your home for decades, you likely feel that you know it inside and out. One of the myths about radon is that there is little use in[...]
Home maintenance tips often start by focusing on the roof. Add checking your roof’s flashing to your maintenance list, as the flashing is what keeps water from penetrating the roof[...]